My Summer Reading List

Over the summer, my goal is to finish reading the book Descartes Dream. This book will be tough read for me since this book is about a mathematician and his visions about his theories. I will try to comprehend the book more than trying to finish the book. I feel like it would be a challenge for me, but finishing this book would transform me into an more advanced reader.

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Aiming for Fire (With Spoilers)

What would you choose between love and honor? Katniss was chosen as a tribute for District 12, in the 74th Hunger Games. The fierce archer wins the games by proving her bow skills. Katniss, the girl on fire, thinks about going back home after winning the games, by proving her potentials in surviving, great mindset and attitude.

Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins displays characterization traits that eventually help her win the games, and Katniss takes advantage of her surviving skills. Throughout the book, Katniss was called the girl on fire. Her shocking appearance in the opening ceremony, with the dress on fire, eventually lead for supporters and sponsors that aided her during the games. Her flaming appearance let the public and the Gamemakers easily remember Katniss as the “girl on fire”, differentiating from other 23 tributes. This gave everyone’s attention and eyes of Katniss throughout the games. Additionally, the optimistic mindset of Katniss lets her win the games: “We turn back to face the crowd as the anthem of Panem plays. Oh, well, I think. There will be twenty-four of us. Odds are someone else will kill him before I do. Of course, the odds have not been very dependable of late” (Collins 51). This shows Katniss’s’ mindset. It shows that Katniss is neither a fragile nor a pessimistic character. She starts to think about actually winning the games after being discouraged by strong competitors. This implies about Katniss that even the worst situation ever fell on her, she did not lose hope, but rather gained courage, which eventually converted into momentum for her to win the 74th annual Hunger Games. Lastly, other characters, for example, Effie considers Katniss as a danger to the Panem. Effie Trinket says in front of the tributes of District 12, “Well, it serves them right. It’s their job to pay attention to you. And just because you come from District Twelve is no excuse to ignore you” (Collins 157). Effie thinks that people from District 12, even they did not win for many years, should deserve the same respect and fame as the people from the Career Tributes do. Especially as Katniss receives a score 11 from the training center, Effie finds the potentials of Katniss, possibly anticipating the winner of the 74thhunger game to be her.  Also, Effie felt that Katniss was able to grab many other viewer’s attentions, giving her advantage in winning, showing that Katniss is a growing darkhorse. The Capitol was thinking her as a suspicious character from then.

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My Struggle to Overthrow Batista

When Batista first overthrew Cuba with a coup in 1925, I was a 17 boy turning into 18. Washing dishes and working in a clothing factory, I, Garcia José, was slowly rising up against the corrupted government. Since, Cuba had become more developed recently under Castro, I planned to move into a better house. As I was packing my belongings, an old, brown notebook dropped down from a bookshelf. As I opened the half-ripped cover page, memories started to influx in my head like an opened dam, and I started to recover the memories of the boisterous revolution that was crammed into the deepest corner of my brain.

Although numerous aspects remained unchanged as before, the changes and developments outnumber the stationaries. Today, Cuba has a socialist government as Castro overthrew Batista and his corrupted officials, the USSR had supported us overtime. Of course the US did not want a socialist island on the coast of Florida, as the US had a complete opposite way of governing the country. However, the US used to love as a brother nation. They even helped us with our independence against Spain. As the revolutionaries were rising tirelessly, the USSR reached their helpful hands at us and armed us with nuclear missiles. This lead the US to close all diplomatic relations with us, as the US hated socialism. Now, the US hates us. Additionally, Cuba used to have a dictator Batista, now we have people’s leader Castro since the revolution changed Cuba drastically. Having a socialist government is beneficial in many ways. Goods are shared, so there are neither rich people nor poor people. Castro shared food and items with everyone, and new buildings were built as well as new roads.

¡Patria o Muerte! ¡Revolución Cubana en Inglés!

This is a video explaining the Cuban Revolution in Plain English. This video tells you about life before the revolution, how the revolution started and how it developed throughout the time period, life under Castro and the Cuban Missile Crisis. People were upset with the corrupt dictator Batista, and slowly began to revolt against the government. Watch this video as the struggle for equal rights begin on the small island on the coast of Florida.