Yes, it is the last OneDay in middle school. This year, I choose to be an elementary teacher for a day! We went to 2nd grade classrooms and taught the kids for a whole day.

To start with, in the morning, we read our stories to the kids as they cam back from recess and ate their snacks. Then, we did our passion projects, where you could teach the kids anything you desire. I taught the kids math, and I worked on word problems (subtraction) with the kids. After lunch, we helped the PE teachers by looking after kids as they did gymnastics. Finally, we ended the day with a science experiment, and we taught the kids about chemical reactions.

I learnt that being a teacher is not an easy thing. To be a teacher, you need to plan the lesson and teach the lesson. Also, 2nd graders are very active and energetic, they are restless. I would say that being an elementary teacher is one of the hardest jobs on Earth.

It was an unforgettable yet an exhausting experience. I think now I know why teachers drink so much coffee.

ONEDAY Project: Stop Motion Piano Video

My project was inspired by an YouTube video made by Art Channel. In my project, with mostly pencil and paper, I created a paper piano that was needed as a prop. I took pictures of every single notes with color and attached  music to it. I used iMovie for an editing tool. My time was a bit more limited than others because for the first hour, I helped Gang Gang’s group record their movie.


  1. I made my paper piano out of pencil, ruler and markers.
  2. I photocopied another paper piano and colored it in with blue.
  3. I cut out the blue paper piano keys.
  4. I recorded me playing few songs on the real piano.
  5. I took pictures of every single note so that it would match the music.
  6. I edit the video and published it.
  7. Finish!

One thing that went with my project is that the time management. Even I had a lot of recordings I had to do, I managed the time well so that this project was turned out OK.

One thing that needs improvements is editing. In this project, editing is the key to success. However, i think I did not do a very good job at editing, so I think editing is something I need improvement on.

Me using Jelly cam to record– 10~11 o’clock
Editing via iMovie– 2 o’clock~ end of the day
Paper Piano– 1~2 o’clock