ONEDAY Project: Stop Motion Piano Video

My project was inspired by an YouTube video made by Art Channel. In my project, with mostly pencil and paper, I created a paper piano that was needed as a prop. I took pictures of every single notes with color and attached  music to it. I used iMovie for an editing tool. My time was a bit more limited than others because for the first hour, I helped Gang Gang’s group record their movie.


  1. I made my paper piano out of pencil, ruler and markers.
  2. I photocopied another paper piano and colored it in with blue.
  3. I cut out the blue paper piano keys.
  4. I recorded me playing few songs on the real piano.
  5. I took pictures of every single note so that it would match the music.
  6. I edit the video and published it.
  7. Finish!

One thing that went with my project is that the time management. Even I had a lot of recordings I had to do, I managed the time well so that this project was turned out OK.

One thing that needs improvements is editing. In this project, editing is the key to success. However, i think I did not do a very good job at editing, so I think editing is something I need improvement on.

Me using Jelly cam to record– 10~11 o’clock
Editing via iMovie– 2 o’clock~ end of the day
Paper Piano– 1~2 o’clock