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The propaganda is furthering the message that Daniel is an exemplary figure that everyone must follow and “take notes” on.

To begin with, the red slogan located in the upper thirds is a parody of a North Korean propaganda. The same font that North Korea uses for propagating communism is employed to parallel a sense of authority. The font is in red, which conveys connotations of vigor and intensity; red emphasizes how one should follow Daniel zealously. The text translates as, “Comrades, admire later, take notes right now.”

Moreover, in the bottom thirds, historically prominent figures such as Einstein, Stalin, Martin Luther King Jr., and Beethoven are all concentrated in the same action: note taking. Conventionally, individuals take notes whenever an idea is worth remembering later or significant. The figures are taking notes at an angle to look upon at Daniel, which conveys a sense of admiration. In the photo, Daniel is focused on taking his shot, not on the fact that another person, a friend of Daniel, is taking a photo of him. This fact demonstrates that the photo was taken in an unexpected manner, and the Crocs show how relaxed Daniel is in the photo.

Despite the loose nature photo in the center, the historical figures are all rigorously taking notes on Daniel. This irony depicts how the most trivial and informal aspects of Daniel are worth note taking. Leaders of physics, politics, human rights, and music are studying Daniel’s behavior, which implicitly pressures the viewers to learn from Daniel as well.