Viva Cuba – Patria O Muerte!

Condemn me. It does not matter. History will absolve me” — Fidel Castro, Oct. 16, 1953.  The actions of Fidel Castro and his group of revolutionaries forever changed life in Cuba.

The Cuban Revolution was a very important chain of events that happened in Cuba that turned it into a socialist country. This video explains all the important events and turning points that lead to and ended the Cuban Revolution.      Before the revolution started, Cuba was a colony of the Spanish imperializing power. The Cubans survived through many tough times of mistreatment and poverty. It was long after when Cuba became independent from both Spain and America. To Govern their country they set up a republic democracy that lead many greedy corrupt dictators into power. The first major event happened when Fulgencio Batista, a former president took over the country’s government by force. With what began as a pure act to help citizens turned into what corrupt dictatorship. This lead to the many revolutionary events that were lead by Fidel Castro, who with only a small group of rebels, defeated an entire government power with no more than weapons and the urge to help their country. “Homeland or Death!”-“Patria O Muerte!”


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  1. Great job Daniel! I loved your video! It was very creative and really well done. I am very proud of your video. SAM MORSE! Can’t tag a tree 😉
    – Ryan

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