Our Polymer by daniel

To further elaborate, the traits we want for our first polymers are dryness, ability to stick to itself, firm, and flexibility. These traits will allow our first polymer to be the nice comfortable inside of any cast or patch for injuries. The traits will make it so the polymer will not be stick to everything but have the perfect firmness and flexibility to wrap around any part of the body and provide it with protection. As of the second polymer, we will be making it used from recycled plastics. The traits we are trying to achieve for this polymer is that it is very hard and study, has a cylindrical shape and has a hallow tunnel through it. These traits will allow the first polymer and the finger to be secured by a hard shell on the outside. With it’s very strong and durable physical features, as well as the softer polymer inside too, combined, it will provide its maximum protection for different parts of the body.

Our plan to develop different these prototypes is by using a trial and error process. For example, our prototype one was very watery and not as stretchy as we would like, those were the cons of the polymer. With that information, we changed small sections of our procedure to make, and attempt to correct those problems. We will use this method, and plan each next prototype based on information of past prototypes, this means that even though many of these prototypes are complete failures, these failures provide us with the data and information we need to succeed.

We will test the polymers by recording and observing how well it does in real situations. Like how long it will last, how long it takes before it dries, how durable is it against force, etc… By testing the prototype with these questions, we see if the polymer is fit to be used in real life.