1. Throughout the length of this short project, I learned several things. That a team is only functional as long as every member contributes, how to use my mathematical skill and concepts in real life problems and situations, it taught me the different ways I might use my concept in real life, and about the trajectory and velocity of a ball depending on the speed it left my hand and the angle I threw it at. This directly relates to our quadratic units as all natural ball throws are parabolic with small anomalies due to resistance.
  2. Our group worked together very well, we were able to easily split up our work and help each other while at the same time getting the job done. With this method, we executed the instructions efficiently and successfully.
  3. Some of the challenges our grouped faced were technological errors and others were accidental miscommunication. While working, one of our computers ran out of battery and we had redo one of the videos, some of our saved documents got lost on the second day, and we accidentally graphed the wrong thing due to miscommunication in the group.
  4. We could have split up the work more evenly, there were some people in the group who actually did a lot of work, and others did less work (But they were still giving verbal help).
  5. If we were to do it differently, I would’ve made the 3 ball throws more distinct from each other, because 2 of the throws were very similar and was not as interesting.