So today we used to ingredients we prepared yesterday and created our food. We Added garnish and waited for the judges to taste it. In the end we got Second PLACE!!!! In the exhibition a lot of people ate both our pasta and fritters-until we had none left.


Looking bucket the project, I realized my team and I had no arguments. Thats a First. We worked together really well, even though we almost have no cooking experience(unless we are talking about insta noodles, cereal, and scrambled eggs. But thats beside the point). While finding a good recipe I picked up many new skills for example proper cutting techniques(note Its plural, meaning more than one), now to flip food while doing shallow frying, how to shallow fry, how to mince garlic, ext. In the future these skills can really help me out. I really didn’t have any challenges except for making good looking fritter. We got lots of help from Ms.Falco and Chef Rob.