For Oneday my project was to find something that shows positivity and put it on a calendar. However, I had no plan when making my calendar. I really didn’t need one. My idea was simple take some pictures and make a calendar out of them. It was really easy and I already had some ideas of what pictures I should take. I only met 2 challenges which was to get Canva to work and get 2 people to help join me in a scene. Canva is a website which you could design posters, ads, and things of the such. However, it wasn’t working for me and I couldn’t log in. I had to try all types of internet backdoors to get in. The other problem was to get people to do something for a scene. Nobody wanted to do that and I almost bribed someone to help me. Thankfully a few friends of mine I found helped me with a titanic scene. Other than that my calendar making journey ran very smoothly. Designing to calendar and picking out the photos were very easy too.