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Project “Draw somethings”

For ignite week I wanted to do something personal and special. That was because it was called personalize it and it was my last ignite week. My idea was to draw some paintings for my friends that were leaving. I always wanted to do it and realized ignite week would be the perfect time to do it because we get a whole week to do something. This project can level me up in arts and craft skills and let me be able to tell them that they mean something to me.


My sketches.                                                                                                                                   the actual picture



Riptide Final Reflection

For this Ignite week project, I choose  Creativity (L21) area because Riptide wasn’t described thoroughly enough to make an exact copy of it so you had to imagine how it looked. I thought I grew in this area because I actually created a pretty good sword from imagination, even though it isn’t finished. Most of my classmates complimented how cool it was. One example of how I used creativity was when I had to create the grip. Even though the grip isn’t finished yet I created a crossing design. What I did was wrapping 2 strip of leather around my sword while intersecting them together when they meet forming an X.


I enjoyed learning how to use creativity this week. I think that this skill will benefit me in the future because creativity challenges the mind to go further than anybody else. With creativity you could start a trend or something popular that would go down in history. Overall, this Ignite week helped me grow because it challenged me emotionally and my imagination. Creating a specific sword with only knowing which category the sword is from and knowing how long it is, took a lot of imagining to create finer details on the sword. It is also my first time creating a foam sword so I had to change my plans everyday and it really took away a lot of time of working from the week. Something that I took away for work shop skills is that you cant rush your final product. You probably would make a permanent mistake if you rush

Not done

Develop and plan




I created and sketched out the designs and shapes of the sword. Additionally, I created the sketch to scale and created some cross guard designs. At the end of the day I scheduled each part of the sword into separate blocks each on my calendar.

The Floorboard Sword? Make it Define and Inquire

Welcome back to The Late Late show with DAVID GUODEN! My current project for ignite week is to make a sword from the Percy Jackson universe. Today I’m guessing I would focus on making a blue print of my sword. Basically the plan of how I make the sword and the dimensions of my piece. The double edge one-handed greek sword I make is called Riptide and it belongs to Percy Jackson son of Poseidon. Riptide was a gift from Percy’s father when he discovered the greek mythical world. The only challenge if making my sword is that I have a broken arm and it would be tough to cut and draw in wood for me.

Ignite Week IronChef Define and Inquire-Tuesday

So today I made some fritters. We got this recipe from 5-Ingredient Butternut Squash Fritters |

We learned many things while making the fritters, such as how to flip the fritters or what is shallow frying.

  On website      In real life

It actually tasted pretty good  It wasn’t as bad as it looks,  It actually tasted really good, But we have to improve its looks.

But nothing is perfect so we decided on what we liked and what we disliked.


Crunchy texture

Soft Center


Someplace are a bit burned

Bad shape

Uneven thickness

(Fritters that are too thin taste really burned and salty)

Not enough Garlic

Add some Green Onions


What we disliked will be used to edit our recipe. Tomorrow we are going to make the fritters with the new Recipe.




Ignite Week Create and improve 2019-2018

Today we didn’t do much but prepare for the big day TOMORROW.

We cut the onions, squash, bacon, garlic, ext.

We also prepared the seasoning-what i mean by preparing is calculating how much we need and getting it out.


But this is what we already created and decided to improve.


Bake Squash and blend it more to make it less chunky


Add Garlic

Add Green Onion

Better shape

Consistent thickness

Not Burned(no exposure to roasts)


Add more cilantro

Smaller cut Squash


Ignite week 2018-2019 IronChef Wednesday

So basically, today I recreated the MARK 2 of the butternut squash fritter. But first I created the Butternut squash pasta. I learned that MSG is a chemical that makes things very salty, pun intended. I also learned that your should never ever roast cilantro. I also learned how to shape the fritters into circles. You basically scoop the mixture of squash, so it should look like a ball. Than you put it on the pan and put pressure on it. It would than spread the mixture into a circle. This is what i learned today. I also learned how to design my plate. basically there are 2 types of plates. Round and Long. With long plates your suppose to spread the food out. With round plates you are suppose to design it by building up.


The edited Fritters didn’t taste so different from the non edited. But we manage to learn how to make the fritters into a proper circle. We tried out the smoothie recipe audit sucked. It tasted to natural. Next time we should cook the squash than blend it.

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