“The darkest hour has only sixty minutes.”


Zhang Yimou’s 2002 film Hero is the story of three assassins and the emperor Qin. The protagonist Flying Snow determined to fight with Broken Sword, who opposed the assassination of emperor Qin. In the scene from 1:35:40 to 1:38:45, as Flying Snow… Continue Reading →

Propaganda Poster

procrastination by Emily Kwak   Many students tend to procrastinate and finish work when the deadline is near. Therefore, I created the propaganda that conveys a message that procrastination leads to a negative consequence of accumulated works and stress for… Continue Reading →

Propaganda Poster Reflection

In the propaganda posters the class analyzed, I could often see the bandwagon effect. This might imply Mao thought it would be easy to compel people to follow him by driving other citizens. I could also often see red, which… Continue Reading →

2021-2022 English Goal-Setting

GOAL: Read 30 minutes every day with annotation, and select the favorite book of the year (2021-2022)

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