Have you ever thought about the relationship of the family? In Amy Tan‘s The scar, her family members think she is disgraceful but is also a caring person. Just like me, Nuyer is a caring person because she cares for her family. However, she is a disgraceful person as a kind of antagonist in her family and the story.

Her family members think she is a disgraceful person due to Nuyer’s behavior. In the book, after telling a story about Nuyer’s story Popo said, “‘ To say her name is to spit on your father’s grave'” (Tan 1). Also, An-mei’s auntie said An-mei’s brother: “You are the son of a mother who has so little respect she has become ni, a traitor to our ancestors” (Tan 2). Now the reader can see many of Nuyer’s family members often talk something bad about her since Nuyer, who is the mother of An-mei left her family and choose to live with another man with other wives and that is betraying their ancestors. Even though she left her family and become kept women of other men, she still cares about her family. She cut her arm for her mother when Popo was sick: “And then my mother cut a piece of meat from her… My mother [she] took her flesh and put it in the soup” (Tan 5). This shows Nuyer choose to cut off her flesh from her arm just for her mother and that was one of the ways to cure Popo’s illness.  However, that was a really hard decision to make. According to this evidence, this shows that this story is showing man versus man conflict and she is considered as a disgraceful person in her family, but she is a caring person because she still cares about her family.

In the book, Nuyer is a disgraceful but caring person. And, I think I can claim that I’m like her due to many events in my life. I have a younger brother who is a 5th grader and he always annoys me. He always wants good things and I really often make a concession to my brother when I have a chance to get something wonderful. Even though he annoys me, I look to take care of him because he is the only brother in the world and I do love him and my family.  And when the years end, my mom said: “thank you for looking after him for this year.”