A lot of people are making mistakes. Although people are able to make mistakes they should be aware of mistakes. In the A Sound of Thunder, Eckels made a little mistake and that affect future. According to that event, people should be careful because small actions or behaviors can affect the future.

Eckels is not a careful person. In the scene Eckels thought running off the path is not important he said, “Just ran off the path, that’s all, a little mud on my shoes – what do you want me to do – get down and pray?” (Bradbury 234) proves that he is not careful. Furthermore, according to the text, Eckels the protagonist said: “Take it easy, all he did was kick up some dirt” (Bradbury 234). This shows Eckels is not careful because even though Lesperance and Travis warned him many times, he made mistake. They explained specifically what will happen if he makes a little mistake and that will be definitely a serious problem. It means he didn’t really care about it.

Additionally, the importance of mistakes is also able to be seen when Eckels came back in 2055. Eckels is a selfish person who is claiming that he has done nothing. When Eckels, Travis, and Lesperance going back to 2055, which is their present time Eckels said, “’I’m innocent. I’ve done nothing!’” (Bradbury 234). Also, he said, “Don’t look at me. I haven’t done anything” (Bradbury 234). At the climax of the story, although Travis and Lesperance advised and explained to him not to touch anything and he realized that he made mistake. This is showing that he never thought about making mistakes because he thought he couldn’t make mistake. He didn’t reflect himself despite Travis and Lesperance told him to be careful.

 Ray Bradbury, the author contained many ideas like time traveling is really dangerous. However, I thought the idea of the importance of making mistakes is the main theme in the story because mistakes changed their future and present majorly. Looking at the main theme importance of being careful and making fewer mistakes, Eckels didn’t even try to be careful not thinking about the future of others.