Making big decisions


People always try to think carefully when they have to make a big decision. However, some people might not think the result carefully, or some would care about the consequence too much. In the short story “Lather and Nothing Else,” Hernando Tellez creates a dynamic character who learned to think the consequences of the action before you do something.

At the beginning of the story, captain Torres who is enemy of the barber came to the barber to shave his beard. However, captain Torres is barber’s enemy because the barber was a revolutionary secretly. During the barber is shaving his beard, the barber started to agonize whether the barber is going to kill the captain or not. At that part, the barber imagined the scene of killing the captain: “I could cut his throat, so swish, swish!” (Tellez 4). Through this evidence, I could notice that the barber is keeping agonizing about whether to kill him or not because he was imagining and thinking about the scene after or the process of killing. On the other hand, the barber cannot kill him easily because the barber is thinking why he has to kill the captain. The scene was showing man vs. self conflict.


However, the barber decided not to kill the captain. In the end, the barber’s think is described as, “’I don’t want to stain my hands with blood. Just with lather, and nothing else’” (Tellez 5). The barber finally decided not to kill the captain. Even though the barber can kill captain Torres, he realizes that he doesn’t want to be a murderer. At first, the barber wanted to kill the captain but as he keeps imagining the scene of killing him and thinking the consequences, the barber decided not to kill him. The protagonist is giving a lesson to readers to think the result carefully before you do something.