Dear taunting people

I am sorry for being different from you

I am sorry for not having the same skin color as you

I am so sorry because I can’t think like you

I apologize for being penniless, so I can’t spend like you.

I apologize for not believing your religion

I apologize for participating in society even though I am too young to do something

Forgive me for acting like a boy as a girl

Forgive me for coming from the country you don’t like

Forgive me for distracting your way because I had never seen the light

we are so sorry for being diversified.

But in the future

When everyone understands each other,

I will not feel sorry for the people.

In the future, I might hear singing from diverse people

Including both women and men, young children and elders,

The rich and poor, whites and blacks, not able to smell the disgusting

and cold winter smell of discrimination in the frozen school.

In the future, when people are empowered and promote the social,

the economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age,

disability, race, ethnicity, origin or economic or another status,

they will accept me no matter how different I am

Because they realized what is inequality and

What are they doing now.

In the future, the future generations will find the history and records

that we made and the jars filled with a happy smile

if we realize one important thing before too late.

Now, dear taunting people might know they are doing something wrong

They might know what difference and equality are

Some of them even might realize it recently.

They maybe didn’t even know what discrimination was

Too late, too late.

Facing the present, people and me, I ask: Are we doing well?

Are we treating people not equally because of the divergence?

Are you trying hard for a change?






This poem is about Sustainable Development Goal 10, Reduce inequality within and among countries. UN is trying to achieve these goals until 2030. Currently, there are inequalities everywhere. To achieve this goal, I try to tell people and even to myself to accept difference and try hard to be equal to everyone.