In the book A Step from Heaven by An Nathe protagonist Young Ju, her brother Joon and mother suffer from violent actions of Dad. I choose 2 themes of this book: Hope and dream, violence to show how it affects the protagonist, Young Ju. The first paragraph, diary of 1980, April 23 shows the theme: hope and dream about moving to America. At first, Young Ju had hope and dream. However, as her father got increasingly mean and violent, her hopes and dreams seem disappeared. Second, the paragraph of 1993, June 7 shows how violent her father is and how much Young Ju is suffering. Violence is the largest theme in this book because Young Ju is highly affected by the violence of her father since she was a little child. The last diary in 2oo1 described what happened at last: the father is arrested and returned to Korea, and how their lives changed because Apa, who was a violent father returned to South Korea.

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