I’m making a scarf because I love Harry Potter.  I think this project will be a new challenge for me. But I’m really excited to make this.


Challenge (main project) – knitting

(You can change color)



On level





Friendship bracelet

(sub-project) .

Classic Friendship Bracelets

Braided Friendship Bracelets for Valentine’s Day


At first, I tried to knit a scarf. Since I dropped one for every row when I knit, I could not continue the knitting.



So, I crochet the scarf. But I didn’t have enough time to finish a scarf


and I am supposed to do two projects: scarf and friendship bracelet.


this is a friendship bracelet!

One of the biggest challenges for me was finishing any project. I wanted to give up because I’m doing 2 projects it took a really long time to finish about 1/10 of the scarf and I  could not even finish the scarf. I’m so sad.  But,  Since I learned many lessons from one day I think it will be also worth to learn. I should prepare more specifically to finish a project and to do something good. And, even though I faced many challenges on one day I think one day is really important because students like me can work on a self-directed project or do something they like to do and able to just focus on the project for a day. Also, students are able to learn many lessons from their project. I actually learned many lessons: prepare specifically so that I can finish something and be focused.