“The darkest hour has only sixty minutes.”


March 2019

90 Miles to Cuban Revolution

90 Miles to Havana Theme by Rahee Kwak In 90 Miles to Havana by Enrique Flores-Galbis, Julian is the main character, a protagonist. After the Cuban revolution, Julian and two older brothers are sent to America. However, in America, they… Continue Reading →

Is Cuban Revolution Two-sided?

Before I introduce my journal, let me introduce myself. Call me Nemesio. I was an official of the financial department until 59 years old. As a best friend of Batista, I worked hard for the improvement of the Cuban economy…. Continue Reading →

Harry-pottered Gryffindor Scarf

  One obstacle I successfully overcame was a time limitation. Since the scarf is long and has to crochet a lot to create a scarf, I worried a lot at first. However, I really focused crocheting in the cosplay design… Continue Reading →

Corrupt Cuba and Cuban Revolution

    In 1952, the Cuban Revolution began. Before the revolution, Cuba was corrupted and citizens were suffering from Cuba’s economy. While the economy seemed stable many people (especially people in the middle class) in Cuba were unhappy since there… Continue Reading →

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