One obstacle I successfully overcame was a time limitation. Since the scarf is long and has to crochet a lot to create a scarf, I worried a lot at first. However, I really focused crocheting in the cosplay design and eventually, I finished it and my plan I made at first worked. If I took this class again, one thing I’d do differently is when I finish one part (17 rows of red or yellow), I needed to link the yarn to the other yarn with a different color. I find out the way to link yarns neatly when I finished half of this so the front is not clear and neat to see. One way I contributed to our class environment was just cleaning my space and if I have extra time, I also cleaned other students’ space. At least I cleaned my space for others and furthermore, I tried to help people who need help like if I have a thing they want and they want to lend it, I lend something they need.