Before I introduce my journal, let me introduce myself. Call me Nemesio. I was an official of the financial department until 59 years old. As a best friend of Batista, I worked hard for the improvement of the Cuban economy. I met Batista at the university and helped Batista for overthrowing the corrupt government. But after an unexpected corrupt of Batista, I supported Castro since I believed he would make Cuba better. Eventually, I was betrayed by all leaders I trusted. To escape from complex corruption and betrayal, currently, I am living in America. If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you’ll probably want to know is my compatriot, Batista.



After the Cuban revolution, many things changed. At first, the US supported Cuba buying sixty-six percent of Cuba’s exports. But after Castro nationalized all businesses, the US stopped buying Cuba’s exports and eventually, the intimate relationship with USSR in the 1950s completely broke official diplomatic relations with America. And, Castro took power from Batista. The government changed as the leader changed. Still, many things stayed the same. The form of government stayed the same since both Batista and Castro was a dictator and often abused their power.  Even after the revolution, many citizens are poor, and their lives still need to improve a lot.