“The darkest hour has only sixty minutes.”


June 2019

Throw a Ball Project

  1. What did you learn from this activity? How is that relate to the concepts we learned in Algebra I? I learned how quadratic relates to real life and in Algebra I, we already learned quadratic (Ax^2+Bx+C – equation),… Continue Reading →

A Journey to the End

  A Journey to the End by Stella and Emily

Polymer Journal #5

Procedure Procedure by Rahee Kwak   CER Prototype 10 have the best properties for the teether toy, Polyther. It is stretchy enough to mold a strawberry shape. For the stretchiness, it got 4 out of 5. Also, for how strong… Continue Reading →

Summer Reading

Books I want to read this summer by Rahee Kwak   This summer, my goal is reading 20 minutes a day. I wanted to read various genres of books, so I chose The Remains of the day, which is a… Continue Reading →

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