Procedure by Rahee Kwak



Prototype 10 have the best properties for the teether toy, Polyther. It is stretchy enough to mold a strawberry shape. For the stretchiness, it got 4 out of 5. Also, for how strong the smell is, it is 3 out of 5 which means it is not too strong smell for babies, but it does not smell too weak. It is a little bit sticky, but it does not make babies’ hand dirty, so it got 2 out of 5. It is solid, so babies can grab it. And, prototype 10 got 2 out of 5 for how easy it is to poke test. For firmness, it was solid enough to grab and it got 4 out of 5. With sustainability that the Polyther is only made of natural materials, prototype 10 was most successful with all the physical properties we need for polymer teether, Polyther. Through the tests of how stretchy, sticky, firm, easy it is to poke the polymer, and strong the smell is, we could notice that prototype 10 fits properties for Polyther the most.



Through this project, I learned what is a polymer and how it can be used in daily lives. Not only science but also, I could learn to engineer.  Also, through many failures of controlling the amount of each material, our team could challenge ourselves into making a creative edible polymer that can be a teether toy. With strawberry flavor gummy that contains Corn Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Glucose, strawberry Juice (Contains 5% Per 100g), Acid, Humectant, Gelling Agent, Acidity Regulator, Flavor And Flavoring (Strawberry Flavor), Color, Antioxidant, Glazing Agent, cornstarch is mixed. Both materials are natural materials although gummy contains a lot of various materials, It still has characteristics of gelatin, which means “Gelatin is a natural protein derived from the processing of animal collagen” (Messina).


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