What have you learned? What has been successful?

Through observational drawing, I could examine different ways of drawing and learn how to draw shadows. Also, it became easier to observe the characteristic of an object and draw the object.


Moreover, I could learn visualization techniques by drawing merged-idea and add-idea-for-improvement products. Visualization techniques require creative thinkings. However, through developing ideas, I could think of new innovative products that I might want to make someday.

Also, using various shapes and colors, I created a user persona. It will be much better than pure, not colored, boring user persona since I have learned how to use colors and shapes more efficiently as I have feedback from other students.

Emily by Rahee Kwak

For the project that we made a chair prototype, I was inspired by the cloud.
I tried to make the chair fluffy and soft like a cloud.  However, it was not easy to design the whole structure of the chair. It required various skills like sewing and drawing for the chair.


What are you unsure of/concerned about?

  • I still need to practice observational drawing because it is hard to draw from various perspectives and use colors to make an object vivid.
  • Learning different skills more like sewing, using various materials like wire.
  • I am unsure of using shapes in designs

What are your goals for the next stage of your progress?

  • Thinking of creative products and draw
  • Actual practice for drawings and skills that I need