At first, I wanted to make a crocheted tote bag. However, since I want to make the bag with sustainable materials, I decided not to. But the plan guided and helped me to the detailed plan.

I thought plastic + crochet will be sustainable enough but inspired by the durable plastic bag, I chose to make a bag out of the reused plastic bag.


Detailed plan

The picture above is the plan for the separate tag. To make a tag, wood is needed and will cut with a laser cutter. I will make it into two pieces, and at each side, the logo will be at the front and explanation at the backside. Two pieces of wood will stick together with hot glue. Also, I made a brand name: Eco Belief. Moreover, I brainstormed how will the logo look like.

I did not decide which design and color to choose yet,  but the size will be length: 25(cm) width:13(cm) height: 35(cm).


Eco Belief by Rahee Kwak

Durable Plastic Bag by Rahee Kwak

For the separate tag, I will put two pieces of laser-cut wood of this design into one. The logo will be unaffected because if it becomes complicated, it will look slightly dirty. I also thought the description will be needed for a particular product to emphasize the importance of reusing plastic bags.

Prototype #1






This is the prototype#1 made of newspaper. It has a pocket inside and two handles too.

Since this prototype is made of newspaper, it is fragile and easily ripped. However, the paper is an excellent material for simple prototypes as the newspaper is a common material and easy get.


Prototype #2


With heat presser, I piled up 3 – 4 plastic bags and pressed it so the plastic bag can be thicker and durable. The handle is made with the same process.

This is a small prototype for the logo tag. To figure out which material to stick two wood pieces, I tried hot glue and wood glue. Hot glue is too thick for the logo but wood glue is thin enough when it become solid.

The goal for the next stage

  • Finish the finalized prototype.
  • Include more details
  • Adjust plan if needed – amount of reusable plastic bag