“The darkest hour has only sixty minutes.”


English 9

War Propaganda Poster Annotation

IDU Collaboration Reflection

Through the IDU project, I had the opportunity to work with Erica and Christina, focusing on the inclusion issue of introverts. We actively listen to each other, responsible for each person’s role, and respect, and support toward diverse opinions during… Continue Reading →

Independent Reading – Reflection So Far

My goal this year is to read thoughtfully and read more than seven books. I am trying to read thoughtfully and not just passing the pages, but the speed of reading the book seems rather slow. From now on, I… Continue Reading →

Independent Reading 2019-2020 and the First Book for Independent Reading

“Twilight”   Although Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is really famous and I already once read it, I can hardly remember now and I really like this book. So, I want to read it again. Also, since I become high schooler,… Continue Reading →

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