“The darkest hour has only sixty minutes.”



Polymer Journal #1

What are polymers and how are they made? Polymers are substances that have long similar repeating chains of molecules. The monomers, smaller molecules are combined into chain through the progress of the polymerization and become polymer. However, some polymers are… Continue Reading →

Possibility of new planet for human

  NASA should focus on discovering a new planet that can replace the Earth. NASA already found out the fact one of Jupiter’s moons may have plumes, or geysers, spraying clouds of water vapor. Scientists suspect that warm, liquid water… Continue Reading →

Pale Blue Dot vs. The Hubble Deep Field

The video of The Hubble Deep Field had more of an impact on me.       The video showed how big universe is through the Hubble Space Telescope’s pictures. These parts of the video “In 1995, the Hubble space… Continue Reading →

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