“The darkest hour has only sixty minutes.”

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IDU Collaboration Reflection

Through the IDU project, I had the opportunity to work with Erica and Christina, focusing on the inclusion issue of introverts. We actively listen to each other, responsible for each person’s role, and respect, and support toward diverse opinions during… Continue Reading →

Durable Plastic Shopping Bag: Create & Improve

At first, I tried to make a simple crocheted tote bag. However, as I found not only making a bag, but also approaching to the theme of recycling. For the bag, I thought I can make it by reusing plastic… Continue Reading →

Durable Plastic Shopping Bag: Develop & Plan

Brainstorming At first, I wanted to make a crocheted tote bag. However, since I want to make the bag with sustainable materials, I decided not to. But the plan guided and helped me to the detailed plan. I thought plastic… Continue Reading →

Reflection1: D&E

What have you learned? What has been successful? Through observational drawing, I could examine different ways of drawing and learn how to draw shadows. Also, it became easier to observe the characteristic of an object and draw the object.  … Continue Reading →

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