“The darkest hour has only sixty minutes.”



A Step from Violence

https://www.canva.com/design/DADLmCtkLOc/view   In the book A Step from Heaven by An Na, the protagonist Young Ju, her brother Joon and mother suffer from violent actions of Dad. I choose 2 themes of this book: Hope and dream, violence to show how it… Continue Reading →

Poem about one thing that have to be disappeared

Dear taunting people I am sorry for being different from you I am sorry for not having the same skin color as you I am so sorry because I can’t think like you I apologize for being penniless, so I… Continue Reading →

The importance of being careful

via GIPHY   A lot of people are making mistakes. Although people are able to make mistakes they should be aware of mistakes. In the A Sound of Thunder, Eckels made a little mistake and that affect future. According to… Continue Reading →

As a Renaissance Humanist

www.beyoumakeup.com by Rahee Kwak

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