“The darkest hour has only sixty minutes.”



Parrot Robot for Robot Petting Zoo

  First, my biggest success was making my robot similar to a parrot. This robot can speak “Hi” and move its wing when people touch the sensor on its beak. Also, when the first graders came to the 8-3 design… Continue Reading →

Pale Blue Dot vs. The Hubble Deep Field

The video of The Hubble Deep Field had more of an impact on me.       The video showed how big universe is through the Hubble Space Telescope’s pictures. These parts of the video “In 1995, the Hubble space… Continue Reading →

A Step from Violence

https://www.canva.com/design/DADLmCtkLOc/view   In the book A Step from Heaven by An Na, the protagonist Young Ju, her brother Joon and mother suffer from violent actions of Dad. I choose 2 themes of this book: Hope and dream, violence to show how it… Continue Reading →

Poem about one thing that have to be disappeared

Dear taunting people I am sorry for being different from you I am sorry for not having the same skin color as you I am so sorry because I can’t think like you I apologize for being penniless, so I… Continue Reading →

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