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During this period of time, I found a lot of interesting Artifacts. Throughout this period of time, I picked out 5 artifacts that represented, history, economy, political science,  and geography. The first artifact would be an interview with my good buddy Gary. This interview was about the experience of teenagers and what they were doing during this period of time. This interview gives us information that represents the history of this time when we look back. The second artifact is the masks. This is one of the pivotal things during this pandemic. The prices of these masks was been increasing insanely which is contributing to the economy of all the countries around the world. The third artifact would be the podcast I was watching called Impaulsive. In this podcast specific podcast, they talked about how America is like during the COVID 19, also they face-timed Italians and asked them how Italy was like. This is important because maybe in the future this could be evidence of what happened during COVID in different countries could be used for people to analyze or learn about. The fourth artifact would be the stock market. Throughout this entire pandemic, the stock market has had massive overturns. The stock market has been declining throughout this pandemic, this kind of action has rarely ever happened in the world. People could look at this since this is a historical moment for the stock market (not necessarily good). The fifth artifact would be my compound entry pass. This artifact shows you haven’t been in another area. This is the way to keep citizens safe during corona.

Final Reflection for English

Throughout this whole year of English, I felt that I had achieved massive success from the beginning of the course to now. Throughout this entire unit, I was trying to focus on analyzing techniques used by writers to see how they created a humorous effect on the readers. I learned many ways how writers utilize humor either in their plays or poems. The authors used language, tone, sarcasm, and many more techniques in these plays or poems to create a humorous effect on the audience. I feel like the topic of humor is very interesting and fascinating. The way that the writers could make this humorous effect on the audience or readers as well as entertaining them is just exciting to me. I would like to learn more about stand-up comedy as we didn’t get a chance to study stand-up comedy. Overall, I think I achieved my smart goal partially, not entirely. I improved, but I think I could have done a better job analyzing the humorous effects and techniques on the audience. I still need to focus on analyzing which techniques are used and how they are used.  Overall for this whole unit, I found it quite challenging for me. This was a new unit with us setting up our own dates for ourselves in the beginning. I felt rushed at the start of the unit since it was a new unit with so much to learn about and take away from this unit. During the unit, many tasks were also difficult for me personally since from my perspective. I wasn’t good at analyzing techniques also adding on to the fact that this is a new unit with new ideas and techniques, I felt like being in a predicament especially during the time when I started working on Poetry. Even though there were a lot of challenges throughout this unit, particularly, I worked through them, and I feel successful. I achieve parts of my smart goal, completely all my work on time, and I have improved in this unit but mostly improved this entire year. To me that the three things I listed above are success to me this unit.

I think overall; my SAL should be satisfactory for both attitude and responsibility. Throughout the whole year in English 9 or even during the E-learning period I’ve been quite committed to English. I think I’m only satisfactory because I would commit more and try harder through the small tasks more, and if I push myself a bit more, I think I could be in the Exemplary section of responsibility—my attitude towards English changes throughout the course. Sometimes my attitude would change as the work amount changes. When the workload isn’t too much, my attitude is exemplary, but when the workload or work gets harder, my attitude weakens. I realized the problems with my responsibility and attitude, and I felt like through the final unit of humor, it did change, but that is not enough for me to achieve exemplary yet. For me, I think by bringing a better attitude, and responsibility to class could get me exemplary. I could come to class prepared every day and try to complete the task with the best effort even though it might be challenging to complete. I would also try to give more effort to English as a class in general because this is an exciting class even though sometimes it’s challenging. I think there’s still space for improvements.

My goals for English 10 next year are straightforward but not simple to achieve.  Bringing a positive attitude to class and being prepared for class is pivotal for me to improve. I will try to improve my grammar. I would also work on analyzing techniques and how it affects the readers more thoroughly with a more in-depth analysis and finding more profound meanings of the uses of language. English was an enjoyable class for me this year, and I felt I took massive success since the start of the course.

Oprah Winfrey Golden Globes Speech – 2018



Dig for Victory

2020 Reflection for IDU Project

Our team name was 3/C/SEE. My team members were Evelyn and Shelly. Responsibility, collaboration, and communication was pivotal to the group having success over the whole process. I would consider myself as being a good group member following the norms, collaborating well, and showing great responsibility.

Throughout the whole experience of the IDU unit, our group had multiple strengths and weaknesses. Our strength as a whole team is; while we were working, we showed respect to all members of the group by listening, giving advice and respecting each other’s ideas. Our team had no conflicts of any kind during the work process, we each had different jobs and parts to accomplish which we all finished on time. Even though we had many different strengths we still had multiple weaknesses as a group. We sometimes would be off task and that would affect the work ethic of the group. Sometimes at night when we try to finish work or ask the group a question, we didn’t communicate well on WeChat or in real life. The role was a little confusing at different times. Our group had multiple different norms throughout the process of the IDU project, but the most important norms are the collaboration norms. They are the ones that keep us working and tell us what we are supposed to finish. Then the communication norms on how we can communicate through WeChat or in real life. I find the respect norms least important for our group as it wasn’t really a problem for our group. For me, the easiest norms to implement were the respect ones because in our group we showed respect to each other because work was finished on time at all times and different good ideas were given in the group to let the group be aware of different ideas. The more difficult norms were the focus on task and communicate through Wechat. At times I would be off task and it made the group harder to function as one of the members where off task and sometimes people would send out help on Wechat and people couldn’t respond in time due to altered reasons which made it difficult for people to get an answer or finish their work. Collaboration was valuable when numerous ideas were given in by different group members, the ideas could help the groups further develop. Collaboration was also valuable when people provided help to the members that needed any kind of help to either finish the work or get new ideas or if you are confused at times group members could receive help by giving dates or directions on what we were supposed to do. There weren’t many challenges for collaborations since our team worked reasonably well in this strand.

Overall for me, the IDU project was successful in terms of our final product and the process of working with our norms and learning about new topics. Even though problems of sickness stroke the team at times we worked over these challenges and accomplished our final product and had all key components to the project well done and presented. Through this project, my time management skills improved as well as my communication skills, this project was successful in terms of self-improvements and our team’s final project.

Reading Reflective Blog Post

As my goal is to read as much as possible so far I have completed reading one book which is “pride and prejudice”. The second book I’m currently on is called Into the wilds. I am almost finished with my second book. After this book, I will probably read another non-fiction story as I find them interesting.

Reading Goals

As I watched the move “Pride and Prejudice” I think it would also be great if I could read the book and find the similarities and difference in both. My goals for this year is to read as many book as I can possibly read which means If I have time I could spend it on reading instead of being on my phone.

Ball Throw (Logger Pro)

Through this process our group learned to make  quadratic equations  from graphs. We work pretty well since we got all our group work done. During this process sometimes we were off task but we could go back on task. We could have improved on the imovie making the quality better if we had more chance.


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