English 9 Final Reflective Blog Post

In this final unit, I learned about how writers uses different literary techniques to create a humorous effect on their text. Literary techniques such as irony, tricolon, as well as parallel structure are mostly used regarding humorous. Somethings I would still like to learn about is how different types of humor can have different effect on its audience. My SMART goal for this unit is to be able to analyze how language is being used to create a humorous effect,  understand the key characteristics of drama that differentiate it from the short story and the novel, and can take responsibility of my own learning. I didn’t really achieved the last goal I set since my independent learning was definitely not satisfactory. I had some difficulties particularly in time management, it should be my responsibility to meet all the deadlines that I have set for myself, which I did not. In order to be a better learner in English 10, I should definitely improve my time management and independent learning skills. However, success were still made in my capability of analyzing humor texts. To be fair, I think both my attitude and responsibility in this unit needs improvement, particularly in individual learning tasks.

2020 IDU Reflective Blog Post

During this project, collaboration stands as an essential part of incorporating ideas. For collaboration in this IDU project, I think our group has fulfilled the strands. As a student, I think I am somebody who knows how to cooperate and is willing to contribute to the group. I provide many new ideas and discuss them with my team members, and to come up with a final decision. For example, during the group activity, I put forward the idea of creating a website of guidance, which has received high appreciation from all team members and achieved success in the final stage. Something that I need to work on would be my ability on the public speaking. Because of a reaction of intense nervousness, I stumbled and had seemed to lose my voice when I was in the final presentation. This would be a predicament that I need to overcome in the future.

To rank the norms of collaboration, the leading one on my rank would be the ability to pay attention to self and others. When we pay attention to someone else’s way of processing information, we are better at communicating with them. Collaborative work is facilitated only when each team member is aware of themselves and others – in which it is about the information shared, how it is shared, and how others respond to it. Based on this group project, I would say that this is the norm of collaboration in which would affect a group’s collaboration decisively. The norm that is easiest for us to implement were contributing ideas in our discussion and dividing team roles. Our group has come up with several ideas that is fun to work with and everyone know their job clearly of what they should do. The norm that was the most difficult to deal with was being able to catch up on time. Since our group only has a week of work time, we were not able to fulfill all the expectations we made initially.

Collaboration is valuable all the time throughout this unit because it is the only way to make the team facilitate productively. The only challenge that has appeared in our group was time management. This problem can be easily solved if we learn to balance the workload evenly among the timeline.

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Final Presentation

“Throw a Ball”

From this activity I learned how to predict y and y velocity using logger pro. This relates to our quadratic & linear concepts we had learned in Algebra 1. Our group did well on filming the videos and creating graphs on logger pro. Our group faced some challenges when analyzing data. Some aspects of this activity our group could improve is communication and collaboration. It we could do it again I would be more efficient on using logger pro.

Pollution in China

With a surprisingly economic growth over the past three decades, China was the world’s second largest economy in terms of GDP in nowadays. However, Chinese government should put their attention on reducing air pollution in China, due to its effect on people, environment, and life quality. Reducing air pollution in China might be a threat to its economy, but in another way, it will also reinforce China’s reputation in the world. To conclude, Chinese government shall prioritize people’s health more than its economic growth, and protect the environment we have.