Website For 庆湖有机农场

In this ignite week, my three group members and I made a website for a local organic farm called 庆湖有机农场. At the start of the week, everyone went to the farm and witnessed the environment and people that are working there. Each group figured out what the farm needed the most and each group created a product. My group created an advertising website for the farm so they can have more customers come and make more money. Our success was that we had already learned how to make websites and how to advertise product so it was easy for us. Our challenge was that many groups had to just do a product, but our group had to do a video about the farm and a website to put the video on. I improved on communication and collaboration by doing teamwork with my teammates and talking to the farm workers. I improved in creativity by working on the website and the video. I learned how to take a product and make it better. This will help me in the future.