Project Space Race

The project we did for space race was sending a rover and a satellite to Kepler 16b and its moon. After we did research by rover and satellite, we will send tourist to that exoplanet for tourism. We make money be tourism on Kepler 16b. I thought the over exhibition was very successful because we earned 5 billion and the investors were happy. The challenge for our group during the exhibition was to answer the investors’ difficult questions, some we can’t even answer but we did our best to answer. The investors took away a lot of knowledge for Kepler 16b and our project. The only thing they were confused about was the technology we are going to use to get to a exoplanet 200 light years away. This long project was overall fun and amazing.


The most interesting thing I learned in Project Space Race is about the Exoplanet called Kepler 16b. Kepler 16b is the planet that our group researched and based our project on, so we know about this planet the most out of everyone in the class. This knowledge helped me to understand the future considerations for habitable planets. Completing this project, I learned that I work well and collaborate well with a group in projects. For example, we split the different parts of this project into four parts, so each person is responsible to manage and finish their part. Before this project, I used to think it was going to take a long time until humans are going to find a habitable planet, now I think that humans can be habited on any exoplanet, it’s just the way to get to that planet is difficult. The driving question impacts me or my community because innovation is what carries our community forward into the future, with new technology and inventions. Competition, collaboration, and technology drives innovation, because if you don’t have market economy, there is no innovation. Without innovation, our community will still be using old things with old technology, and there will be no going forward. Looking back on this Project Space Race, I realize that the most important and the center of this project is to let us innovate, to let us create our own rovers, companies, and our own way to get to our chosen exoplanet. Everything is done and chosen by ourselves and everything is created by us. We used our imagination to innovate our own space project.

Great One Day Experience At The WenYu River And The Village

In the One Day Photography activity, I practiced and improved my photography skills at the WenYu river and a village beside BSB. I think I practiced portrait mode the most while I was taking my photos because I wanted to practice focusing on on item or person and then making the background blurred out. It is my favorite effect. The two important things I learned today are the angle and the direction of light source for a photo. The most difficult challenge I faced was that I had to always keep my phone straight and not let it slant sideways when taking photos in weird, uneasy angles. I overcame this challenge by using the flat ground or some sticks to use as a tripod. Overall, this One Day photography experience was great.