Supreme Custom Skateboard

I am going to create a Supreme X Louis Vuitton print on my skateboard because this is my favorite collaboration of two brands, the print also looks pretty cool.

The challenges I might face are probably going to be drawing the print and the skateboard perfectly, or else it won’t look as professional. The print is actually very difficult to draw so it is a challenge for me.

My target audience is probably middle school students like me, because a lot of these people like these brands especially Supreme.

I am going to do a rough sketch on a whiteboard first, then do a perfect sketch on a white paper to then trace onto the skateboard. At last, I will create a infographic to explain the process and the main idea of this skateboard.

First Sketch on White Board.

In this project, I created and painted two skateboard designs and both sides of the skateboard. The designs that I chose were Supreme X Louis Vuitton and one side, and a costumed Louis Vuitton X Off White X AJ1 shoe on the other side of the board. Both designs had different color way than the actual real design on the internet, so it was original. I chose these two designs because they were my interests and I really wanted to change their color way and make them into original art work. In the process of drawing and painting on the board, I used acrylic paint marker, spray paint, and a little bit of whiteboard marker. I was overall happy with the results and how the colors turned out.

The only challenge that I had was the acrylic paint marker was too thick so it was difficult to do the detailed little bits of the design. This is why I had to use the white board marker to draw the details because it was way thinner and easier to use.

Front side of finished skateboard.