Design Challenge #1

What will I repeat?

I will repeat the same design process and my same open-minded way of coming up with a creative solution. I will use the same confident way of presenting my product at the end.

What will I avoid?

I should avoid doing minimal research in define and inquire and including minimal detail on the poster.  I will do more research on my next design challenge and therefore putting more details in my poster.

Which literation strategy did you use? Would you use it again? Why/why not?

In this project, based on the information and feedback I got, I kept on changing my design plan but my big picture did not change, so the strategy was very organized, I will use this again because it is one of the best ways to improve my product.

What did you enjoy in the planning stage?

I enjoyed just coming up with a solution and just putting ideas out there and being creative.

How will you better include concepts from responsive design in your next challenge?

I will care more about the environment by being more environmentally friendly and green when making my product.

What does your poster show about you as a learner?

My poster has colours, descriptions, different fonts, and models. This shows that I am very organized and creative when doing work.

Overall, I think that I should do more research on my next project and be more environmentally friendly when making my solution.


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