Felix’s Profound Design Poster

In this first project of the elective Product Design with Mr. Griffin, we mainly focused on learning how to trace pictures in Adobe Illustrator CS6 on our computers. The pictures were self portraits of us and we basically used the pen tool in illustrator to trace the outlines of our portraits. Then we filled the outlines in with different colors to show the layers of the picture. The hardest parts of this process was the different layers we had to create and especially the shadows we had to show with different shades of the same color. I had to make decisions on where to change the tone of color and where to outline for those parts. I overcame this challenge by asking Mr. Griffin and some of my friends for help, and after I listened to their explanations, I focused and overcame the challenge.

The aesthetics of this self portrait poster reflects my style as a designer because my style when copying or changing a picture that was already made is a simple but abstract way that still show the details but not as much as the original picture so then it will be unique. This also show the style of my design with some parts having original colors and some parts more unique and having crazy colors that are way different than the original picture.

My Poster:

Felix Product Design

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