Unit 2 Drawing Portfolio

The Purpose of Drawing/Sketching When Designing

– Observational drawing is important is design because it is the starting point of every product and it can also be where you get your inspiration from, which is in the define and inquire stage. It can be your first draft of a product or it can be a recording of a thing or place that caught your eye and you feel like it  can be helpful for your design later.

– The point of visualisation drawing is helping to communicate new ideas quickly, to support verbal communication, to confirm understanding, to form a written record for later reference, to build complex ideas, and to explain difficult concepts which allowed people to take ideas in their head and to try them out on paper. This can be used in create and improve but also can be used in  develop and plan.

– The concept of Disruptus  can help us as designers immensely when we are stuck on a topic and can’t come up with solutions because it puts your brain into a rapid fire idea thinking mode to speed up your creative to come up with more ideas in a shorter amount of time. After doing this exercise, just exclude some solutions you feel will not work and leave the best ones to then develop and improve.


The Pool Table

The Snooker Shot

Lamborghini Terzo Millenio

Steinway Red Pops Piano

Household Items and Glasses


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