Lamp Design

In this amazing Lamp Design Unit from the Product Design elective class, I had the opportunity to design my own lamp using sketching, tinker-cad, and Canva as creation tools. My ability to sketch and to create awesome posters improved immensely throughout this unit and I feel more comfortable doing such things now. However, the main challenge I had was coming up with ideas and themes that could be actually turned into an innovative and usable lamp concept. I found some inspirations at the start and that how I solved the problem and got a great start on this project. In the end, I designed a great basketball spinning themed standing lamp and made a beautiful poster to go with it:

In this design concept, my favorite part must have been the basketball that can change color by spinning around on the figure’s finger tip because it represents my love for basketball and also creates a disco like effect in the room where the lamp is placed. If I was to go further with this lamp concept,  I would use wood to make a model of the concept with a 1:6 scale and then see where it takes me and go further from there to hopefully make a full prototype with the full scale using the original materials. Lastly, I think I need to learn more about the use of material and color for a design like this because knowing those will big a amazing new upgrade to this incredible lamp concept.

(Sorry if I didn’t have any sketches because they kind of got confused with scrap paper and some were thrown away)

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