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Project COVID-19 Wearable Design

In this Wearable design unit, we had to design wearable products that can assist people who doesn’t want to be infected by the Coronavirus and keep them safe. My main target audience were people who want to go out of quarantine and travel to other places but wants to be safe along the way. Therefore the aspect of COVID-19 that inspired me was: getting too bored of quarantine but are afraid to travel because there is a high risk of getting infected when doing so.

The 10 steps that I took were: 1. Research for inspiration 2. Brainstorm ideas 3. First sketches and descriptions 4. Matching them with household materials 5. More sketches 6. Prototyping in real life 7. Modeling in Minecraft 8. Finalizing and editing 9. documenting process along the way 10. Final presentation and blog. These are some evidence of the process:

Face mask description (1)
Face mask description (1)
Face mask description (2)
Face mask description (2)
GPS Watch description
Quick sketches of the products
GPS Watch Minecraft model
Face mask Minecraft model
Face mask inspiration
Face mask inspiration
GPS watch inspiration
GPS watch inspiration
GPS Watch prototype (silicon, plastic markers etc.)
Face mask prototype
Face mask prototype
Materials used for prototypes
Success criteria In relation to these criteria, where is your design now? How do you know this? What specific improvements do you need to make and why?
My design is innovative and creative I think my design is very innovative because I designed two products that could wirelessly connect together and also cutting-edge technology like the long-distance Nucleic Acid testing and also the sensors. It also looks futuristic from the outside. I don’t think I need to make any improvements on the overall design because I think it is very original, innovative and creative.
My design addresses the users’ problem or need I think my design does this well because you can clearly see the different features and what they are used for and how it was designed overall. I don’t think I need to make any improvements because you can see clearly what the problem is and what the users want which is a product that will keep them safe in crowd areas when going to their destination.
My design is easy for the user to understand This design is very easy to understand when using the product every time because the product is almost automatic with everything lay out clearly. You just need to turn on and connect both devices together. Then select were you are going and just follow what the products tell you to do to get to your final destination safely. I think I have done well on this already because if it wasn’t already easy to use for many customers, I even made a feature for color blind people to make it easier.


I needed to learn some use of materials, how to include many features into one or two products, and solving this problem in the simplest way. I think everything went well except for the prototyping part because I didn’t really have all the materials needed to make the products but at least it was somewhat wearable and looked similar. Next time, I would probably brainstorm more ideas to see if I can use only one product to meet the needs of the audience and solve the problem.

Description of product:

The final chosen solution for this project is the face mask combined with the GPS watch because they can be connected wirelessly using Bluetooth. This solution is for people that are really cautious and scared of getting infected with the virus when going outside especially into the crowded city areas. This is why it sounds and looks like a device to track down criminals or something, but it is nothing like that. This device uses NAD which stands for Nucleic Acid Detection to detect surrounding people that carry the virus. The people that get identified will not be intimidated because the device will only show it for the customer and does not make a sound or move or anything to allow the infected person to know. This only informs the customer that the person is infected, so I suggest you stay at least 2 meters away from him. Since this is not a device for healing infected ones, it can only protect people that are really scared and cautious. This clearly helps the customers in this Coronavirus outbreak scenario because it keeps them safe when they meet people, so they do not get infected.

Final PPT: Wearable Presentation

Final Sketches for both products:

Final Products Try on by Myself:

Personal Reflection for “Wearable”:

In this design unit, I think I did really well on brainstorming didn’t ideas and coming up with a creative, innovative, and well-developed design idea that can maybe go to the market in the future. I also had some nice sketches here and there to communicate and showcase my products clearly and thoroughly. I also think my idea of creating two products that can connect with each other through Bluetooth is really effective and useful for the user and is kind of unique because most designers only had one product. There were also some challenges throughout this project that I overcame. For example, it was difficult finding objects in my house to create a prototype/model for my design, so I first found some items (some were not a good fit) that I can use to create the first prototypes, but then I realized that I can use Minecraft for some of the digital 3D modeling. As you can see above, I have some screenshots of the models I made using different blocks in Minecraft and it actually worked out quite well, especially for the watch. I think the way to avoid this problem next time is to walk around the house first and get inspiration from the materials I see around and then possibly come up with designs and just use those items after for prototyping.

Finally, I believe that my products successfully address the problem because they keep my users completely safe wherever they are traveling and it is portable, durable, cool-looking, and easy to use. My users will have no problem using this product.

Lamp Design

In this amazing Lamp Design Unit from the Product Design elective class, I had the opportunity to design my own lamp using sketching, tinker-cad, and Canva as creation tools. My ability to sketch and to create awesome posters improved immensely throughout this unit and I feel more comfortable doing such things now. However, the main challenge I had was coming up with ideas and themes that could be actually turned into an innovative and usable lamp concept. I found some inspirations at the start and that how I solved the problem and got a great start on this project. In the end, I designed a great basketball spinning themed standing lamp and made a beautiful poster to go with it:

In this design concept, my favorite part must have been the basketball that can change color by spinning around on the figure’s finger tip because it represents my love for basketball and also creates a disco like effect in the room where the lamp is placed. If I was to go further with this lamp concept,  I would use wood to make a model of the concept with a 1:6 scale and then see where it takes me and go further from there to hopefully make a full prototype with the full scale using the original materials. Lastly, I think I need to learn more about the use of material and color for a design like this because knowing those will big a amazing new upgrade to this incredible lamp concept.

(Sorry if I didn’t have any sketches because they kind of got confused with scrap paper and some were thrown away)