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Project 300SL Cosmos

In this “Personalize it” ignite week, I decided to partner up with Christopher and build a car model kit plus some paint work. Christopher came up with the idea of doing car model kits and the videos that both he showed me and I watched on my own inspired me to do this project. Cars are our passion and we enjoy collecting car models, watching videos about cars, talking about cars, and even researching about cars. This is why we were so interested and excited about making our own car models. Christopher is the person who inspired me to do this because he is already experienced but I am only doing it for the first time. I think this process will be challenging because there are so much details included and I need to be very precise and focused. I think I will do great because I always do well on what I enjoy doing. The three pictures below are photos I took of the beginning of the whole process which I am currently in now:

Flat Six Engine of the car
Metallic Blue painted body part
Lower and upper frame structure of the car

It was challenging to assemble some little pieces for both the engine and the structure but I problem solved by sticking the pieces onto my finger, then gluing it to the whole thing. This is my plan for the whole ignite week:

In the continued process of Create and Improve, I made the interior of the car, assembled the doors and the front hooded, painted everything, putted the three layers/parts of the car together, and added a lot of little details to the whole car.


Three layers/part of the car

                                                                                          Finished product (Interior)The challenges I had with this car model kit was gluing the small parts to the whole car both in the exterior and the interior. I problem solved by using tweezers for some parts and using other methods and technics for other bigger parts. Doing this Ignite Week made me improve in both problem solving, endurance, patience skills.This is my Final Product:

Project Consume-Felix Z’s Blog



What Important ideas did people take away? 

The main idea a lot of my audience took away was the fact that single use plastics that we throw away can actually end up affecting ourselves.

Were they surprised or confused about anything?

The first graders were scared because of the outcomes and impacts that single use plastic create, when they are disposed.

Were you able to change their thinking about buying stuff?

Yes, because when the kids got scared because of the impacts, they wanted to stop using the plastics.

Did they learn anything about the damage being caused to our planet?

Yes, they learned about how much damage was caused by plastics to the animals and to us humans.

What would you do differently on your next iteration?

I would probably want to include more facts and information so then the audience can learn more about this problem.

Answer to the Driving Question:

Consumption is when consumers buy products from a store or online, and is also where the golden arrow of the whole cycle is. Sustainability is when something or a cycle can be used and stay in its original form for a long period of time. The relationship between them happens throughout the whole cycle but the consumption and what you buy. If you buy a product just for the sake of buying it, then it will only be in your hands for a few days, and then you will throw it away after. That will be a not sustainable consumption. If you buy a product that is reusable for a long time, then it is a sustainable consumption. For example, in this project, we learned about how plastics affect the planet. We learned about different types of plastic and how they are made. We also learned the cycle of the plastic from extraction to disposal, and the bad impacts it made throughout the life cycle. The single-use plastics will be not sustainable because after you use it, there will be no reuse and you will just throw it away and all the chemicals will create a bad impact on the earth. This is why people need to buy reusable items in consumption because that will help everything. We can use many different alternatives to substitute the use of single-use plastics. For example, you can drink out of a water fountain instead of using plastic bottles.