Consequences of Time Travel

If a man was killed 10,000 years ago, millions of his/her children would be wiped out of existence. Insignificant things done in the past might significantly impact the future. This is why the safari is trying their best to not change anything.

The safari takes time traveling really seriously and were really careful of what they do because they did not want to change the future. When the team got off the time machine, the safari leader, Travis, said, “stay on path, don’t go off of it!” (Bradbury 4-6) more than three times in this story. This shows how important it is to not touch anything, not even a bit of soil. The tiniest thing changed in the past can cause a huge problem in the future, even though Travis did realize this problem, Eckles did not.

Even if you step on a mouse, a whole species could be eliminated, because the effects could multiply through time. When Eckels realized he stepped on a butterfly and changed the future, he fell into the chair, “’No it can’t be. Not a little thing like that. No!’” (Bradbury 15). This proves that the effects of killing something in the past can get worse and worse. When you kill a mouse, all of the children of the mouse dies, and millions of creatures would die because of the chain effect.

This tells us that we should really be careful of our actions. Even though we couldn’t travel through time, our actions can severely change the lives of our future generations.