Verity, a Hero


The book I’m reading is called Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, and Verity is the code name of the protagonist. I chose the two really sad pictures that brings a devastating mood and black as background to show the external conflict of the story: Nazis interrogating Verity. I chose three quotes from the story; the first one represents the torture Nazis has done one Verity, the second shows that Verity betrayed her country and confessed. The last quote is told from Maddie’s view, showing that Verity actually kept the secret even with all the torture and was loyal to her country. This shows that Verity is a hero because even if she was interrogated and tortured, she was still loyal to her country.

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Image citations: Malay Mail. “Woman Held after Baby Thrown from Building in Kajang | Malay Mail.” What You Think | Malay Mail, Malay Mail, 25 June 2018,

5 thoughts on “Verity, a Hero

  1. I like how you explained the inner meaning to your book cover and your three quotes. I wonder is the girl crying in the book cover Maddie or Julie?

  2. Gary did very well in being creative and working hard, I believe that this loos really pleasing to our eyes. However, I believe that you need more evidence to support your claim in stating that she is a hero. I don’t believe that she is a hero, can you support it? I think that this may be connected to a hero in the real world. Parents, they give up for their children, just like verity gives up for her country.

  3. I liked the simplicity of the front cover, and how it is very straightforward. Although it is nice that you put your quotes on the back, it would be nice to support them with some evidence.

  4. Gary I really liked how your front cover was simple and straight-forward. Maybe next time you could make the quotes more clear next time.

  5. I liked how the front cover was very clear and simple. It was very thoughtful of you to have a sentence that acted as a hook and also told the reader more about the conflict specifically.

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