The potential risks of negative body image and low self esteem

People with negative body image will very likely have low self esteem, maybe due to comparing themselves to others or getting criticized. Of course people will want others to be impressed by their appearance, so some decided to use unhealthy methods to fix it. For example, teens might go on a fad diet. It’s a meal plan thats usually about 10 days that cuts out approximately 10 pounds. This sounds really attractive to someone who is desperate on losing weight and having a better appearance, but this is a common misconception. These fad diets only work for short terms, since almost no fat is lost, only water. So the weight will come back faster than it was lost, and there will be much more long term side effects than the short term benefits. A way to stay healthy and lose weight is just to exercise. You can lose fat while gaining more muscle and getting fit.

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