In Jennifer Donnelly’s Revolution, Andi is a teenager who was suffering from the loss of his little brother. As she was finding resources to write her essay, her dad took her to Paris and she found a diary in a hidden compartment of the guitar from the French revolution era. During this research, she met Virgil, and fell in love with him, and it was a hope for Andi.

Words can murder, scar someone for life, or bury them in guilt. Andi was supposed to be with her little brother while the accident happened. His father asked Andi again and again of when her brother died, and that put Andi in deep guilt and depression. “I play until my fingertips are raw. Until I rip a nail and bleed on the strings. Until my hands hurt so bad I forget my heart does” (Donnelly, 7). Even though his dad apologized for what he said, Andi’s heart has already been broken into pieces. She attempted to suicide at school, and also on the Eiffel Tower. “I see my brother. He’s not dead. He’s standing in the street, watching me. It can’t be. But it is” (Donnelly, 21). This left a deep scar in her life that cannot be fixed.

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  1. I really like your post! I think my favorite part of your post are the quotes you used to back up your claim. I think that your quotes are very convincing and help your theme statement “Words can murder, scar someone for life, or bury them in guilt”. I believe that your theme is true in real life, words are really the true killers, most often, words can be the most painful thing we can experience. I also agree that words can leave scars, I wonder what Andi did to fight off the guilt and pain coming from his dead brother.

  2. I really like your post. I really like the extreme emotions you put in, it really tugs the reader’s attention. “Andi in deep guild and depression”, shows what state she was in. Andi was really like many people in the world, where they lost a loved one and cannot breakout of it easily. Why does Andi’s brother die? How did he die?

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