Polymer Journal #2

Specific Goal: To design a polymer who acts as a phone case and allows it to stick to flat surfaces. It should be easily attached and removed, also, it should be very durable even when exposed to air for a long period of time.

Targeted Audience: Millennials

Problems that will be solved by this polymer: When you put your phone on the table, it can be easily pushed off by mistake. But with this sticky phone case, it will prevent these kinds of accidents. Also, this phone case allows the phone to stick onto walls, this will be a huge convenience: people get to watch tv shows without holding the phone, or even follow tutorials (like a rubix cube video) without having to hold the phone with one hand.

(an example that is too sticky for our goal)

I think gloop works best for our design out of the three basic polymers. First of all, it can stick onto flat surfaces, and is not too sticky to cause a problem. Super slime doesn’t stick at all, and stretch-tastic slime is just a pain to remove. Second of all, gloop is the hardest of the three slimes. this is very important trait for a phone case, since no one wants to hold a soft and gross case. Finally, gloop has a better grip comparing the the others; the stretch tastic slime is just disgusting and it gets all over the place, and there’s a layer of sticky liquid on the super slime, which we don’t want that on our phones.


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