My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule

Compound Card: This is a compound security card that proves that you haven’t been in foreign areas for the past 14 days, and we have to have this in order to enter the compound. This is associated with civics, on how a community can keep its citizens safe and organized. When the future generation sees this, they could identify the date to know that this is from the period of the corona outbreak, and from this, they could see how the Chinese government is able to effectively quarantine its citizens.


The Stock Market: This is a graph on the current trend of the stock market during this coronavirus outbreak. This is associated with economics, as stock markets are a typical representation of the health of a country’s economy. When the future generation looks at this graph, they could see the global shares suffer during these months, and see the devastating effects of the Corona Virus on the economy.

Interview with Henry Xue: Henry is a friend in Seattle, and I’ve had a call with him about how things are going for him over there. He said that basically, all the public facilities closed down, but he still managed to play badminton, and his brother is still taking 1 to 1 swimming classes. Everyone is still in quarantine and they rarely go out to get food. When the future generation looks at this interview, they are provided with a view of this COVID 19 outbreak from a citizen’s perspective.

Trump’s SpeechesIn Trump’s speeches about the Corona Virus, all he did was blame others and make clear that none of this happening is his responsibility; this is associated with politics. When the future generation looks at this, it would show them how something catastrophic can bring out the ugliest sides of politicians. The reason that Trump is taking off responsibility instead of solving the problem is to show America is that he wants to win the reelection.

Coronavirus World DataThis site contains world data on death numbers, cases, and even the severity of COVID 19 patients. This is associated with both Geography and History since this presents statistics of specific places. This ‘artifact?’ would provide important information when the future generation looks at this period of time.