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Illustrator Tutorial Reflection

What challenges did you face?

When I followed the tutorial, there were some unclear points that weren’t explained thoroughly, and I had trouble finding the tools that some of them used. Another hard thing is in the creation of these logo samples when using the pen tool. The pen tool restricted me from going in only one specific direction, and also creates very rigid edges when I start a new segment. Another challenge I faced was that when arranging the circles during the creation of the flower, I couldn’t get the circles to be equidistant to each other.

What tips do hope to remember to use in the future?

One tip would be to always start a new segment of the pen tool when I want to draw in a different direction or curve so that I could adjust the intensity of the curve accordingly to match the previous one. If the connection doesn’t seem to go together, then I could use the selection tool and carefully move the segment to merge with the edges of the previous pen tool segment. Another tip that I hope to remember is using the arrow keys on the keyboard to move pieces when there’s a need to be precise.

How can you use some of these techniques in your own designs?

I think I could use the merge shapes tool to eventually merge my logo design to a background or an outline. For example, when I’m done creating the icon for the logo, I might decide that I want a square background or a circle background of it to be printed on, then I can use this technique learned in the flow tutorial video to do this. Something fun I tried is that I used the pen tool to create a Squidward, and I applied the techniques I learnt to create something I like.


What are the strengths and weaknesses of both techniques?

Here are the two simplified sketches of my chosen animal, the one on the left is the sketch drawn on Adobe Illustrator, and the sketch on the middle was done using procreate on an iPad. We can see that the adobe illustrator made sketch was very simple and captured only some main features of the monkey. It’s also a bit cleaner because pen tools create relatively smoother lines compared to free draw on the iPad.

However, I think the adobe illustrator technique’s weakness is also very significant (my problem, not the app). I’m very not used to this new perspective of drawing using points on the laptop, and I find pen tools to be extremely hard to control. Even though it produces a cleaner effect, the edges and connections between the lines seem rather unnatural because of my imperfect techniques, and I think that I have less control over the proportions and lines on illustrator, it felt like the pen tool was actually directing me to make changes that I didn’t want. For example, I didn’t plan the mouth to have two lips and frowning, but a miss use of the pen tool eventually led me to it.

The strength for the procreate is that I have more control over what I draw because I’m used to this kind of drawing. I’m also more comfortable using coloring and different types of pens, as it’s more convenient and more aesthetic. Tools such as adding layers in procreate would provide so much more convenience to it. The clear weakness of this technique is that it’s not as clean and organized as the simple lines in illustrator. I think this is completely fine, because after more editing, or even just drawing with more caution at the beginning, using procreate would be clean, if not even cleaner than illustrator.

Peer feedback reflection

List of The Incredibles characters - Wikipedia

This is the screenshot of the 11 logo design ideas I created, and as you can see, it’s mainly based off of the D&M design. The reason why I chose that is that it incorporates elements from both cooperating companies, Disney and Mandy’s, while also offering a design that is very simple to put on all different kinds of products. My intention of drawing these fonts myself if that this D&M logo could be applied with different colors and little changes to fit into a particular theme or character of the existing Disney intellectual properties. On the glowing logo of D&M, it contains the colors of the Incredibles, and that’s an example of how this logo design is able to adapt into different elements in order to use the collaboration to the largest extent, to appeal to audiences of different Disney characters.

After deciding on one main design, like the incredible adaption, I will further design 3 to 6 additional logos to be printed on individual candy packages, each with a different theme. In the illustrator document, if you look closely, the fonts, colors, sizes, and spaces between letters vary from design to design (D&M), and I think each has its advantages and disadvantages. Another series of logos is the comic textured Mandy’s logo, with a Micky Mouse-shaped lollipop on the side. These were done intentionally to look a bit rougher, but I think more modern and interesting to view for children, which is our primary target audience.

Going into the feedback, I had three rounds of the feedback given to me during class. Most of these feedbacks didn’t have a significant impact on my final ones, but two ideas suggested by Jennifer and oscar helped me developed my ideas further. One idea was that I could include a more eye-catching element to it because the one I showed them at the time was still mostly black and white. From that comment, I changed my logo to try out colors of black, yellow, and red (colors of mickey mouse). Another feedback I got from them was that I don’t just have to use fonts that I drew by myself, because they’re not especially neat. At the time, the ‘100% homemade candy since 1960’ was still hand-drawn, and a bit messy. I changed it up into a legit digital font, and I feel like it worked out to look more professional.

Because I didn’t get to finish a lot of my ten designs in class, I also asked my parents for feedback at home once I completed them. My dad is actually a professional designer, and he gave me some insightful ideas that eventually led to the design on top. First, he said that I could have unity throughout the font, so I couldn’t use half black and white while the other half is orange. Another thing that I should consider is that I should make my logo in a sense that it could be able to fit in with a variety of colors so that they can be repurposed to put on packaging, signs, or even websites. The last thing is that I should be clear in what the store is, so I listened to the feedback and added the mickey shaped candy on top instead of a not very related star, and added the homemade candy quote on the bottom.

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