My Propaganda Poster

Be a vegetarian

The purpose of my poster is to propagate a positive perception of vegetarianism with a target audience of the ISB high school community, address livestock and environmental issues, and even persuade high schoolers to become vegetarian. I appealed to ethos in the form of humor and quotes. For example, the two selfies of me using the stretch effect presents me as a friendly and approachable person and perhaps brings a smile to people’s faces, which contributes to increasing the trust my audience has for me. Additionally, I used the quote “We should eat vegetables” from Ronan, one of the most influential figures of the grade, to support my point that we should become vegetarians. Words from a celebrity of high school would gather trust for my propaganda poster and adds to its authority. I appealed to logos when my poster addresses the potential benefits of becoming vegetarian in the simple, concise slogan: “For Animals, Health, and the Environment”. This outlines why becoming vegetarian will benefit the high schoolers using logic. I appealed to pathos through the pictures of animals (the most common type people eat), a sad-looking cow, pig, and a hen, whose mother got fried to a chicken nugget. These personified animals in despair evoke regretful and apologetic feelings towards eating meat, convincing a shift into vegetarianism for the viewers. In terms of design techniques, I used my selfies as the main subject, as pictures of peers are often the most eye-catching element for high schoolers. Additionally, broccoli and steak are typical examples of meat and vegetables (while red and green shows a shart contrast), and the way one person glares at the meat and another preferring the broccoli symbolizes the view of the author preferring vegetarianism to meatatarianism.

Propoganda Poster Reflection

The key elements in all the posters are color, format, and characters. Colors are usually red and yellow, bright colors that show the bright and inspiring side of what the propaganda poster is promoting; format is also frequently used as it makes the main subjects of the poster stand out to the audience, so the propaganda can be more effectively communicated; characters, such as Chairman Mao and Chinese farmers are incorporated with bright smiles, making them seem positive. The Chinese people on the posters are always smiling and in kind of awkward movements as a cause of the authors trying to make citizens seem happy under the conditions they promote.