The potential risks of negative body image and low self esteem

People with negative body image will very likely have low self esteem, maybe due to comparing themselves to others or getting criticized. Of course people will want others to be impressed by their appearance, so some decided to use unhealthy methods to fix it. For example, teens might go on a fad diet. It’s a meal plan thats usually about 10 days that cuts out approximately 10 pounds. This sounds really attractive to someone who is desperate on losing weight and having a better appearance, but this is a common misconception. These fad diets only work for short terms, since almost no fat is lost, only water. So the weight will come back faster than it was lost, and there will be much more long term side effects than the short term benefits. A way to stay healthy and lose weight is just to exercise. You can lose fat while gaining more muscle and getting fit.

How do you check if a website is reliable?

One way to check if a website is reliable is through a crap test. A crap tests checks the Currency, Relevance, Authority, and Purpose of the website. The currency checks if the information is up to date; the relevance checks the usefulness of the information; Authority is looking at the source, and Purpose of why this information exists.

Common Craft: The French Revolution

The French revolution was caused by the unfairness of the feudal system, which caused the outrage of the third estates. The commoners had to pay all the taxes, do most of the work, and had less rights than the Nobilities and the clergy. So the angry commoners formed their own national assembly, and brought injustice to death in a blood shed.

Where is the solar system should NASA focus on future missions?

NASA’s future research should focus on saturn’s rings.

Researched showed that a liquid ocean exists under the icy surface of Enceladus (a tiny encrusted ocean world that orbits saturn’s moon). Scientists found heavy presence of hydrogen beside the seafloor which means there might be chemical reactions that will support life. “Future missions to explore oceans beyond earth will answer many of these questions.” said Seewald.

Like he said, this research will help us uncover the unknown of our solar system, and solve problems that seems impossible. For example, hydrogen proves to us that life beyond earth might exist, and it is possible for us to find a place that supports life to settle.

The Pale Blue Dot or the Hubble Deep Field?

I think the Hubble Deep Field has more impact on me, since it really helped me understand how huge the space actually is. The photo shows thousands of galaxies, which contains millions of stars, which probably has planets orbiting around them. This makes me think that there should definitely be aliens out there. Billions and billions of planets are in space, and we can only see a tiny piece of it. It also makes me think how tiny our planet and galaxy is. Even a tiny speck on the picture is millions times bigger than our earth.

Verity, a Hero


The book I’m reading is called Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, and Verity is the code name of the protagonist. I chose the two really sad pictures that brings a devastating mood and black as background to show the external conflict of the story: Nazis interrogating Verity. I chose three quotes from the story; the first one represents the torture Nazis has done one Verity, the second shows that Verity betrayed her country and confessed. The last quote is told from Maddie’s view, showing that Verity actually kept the secret even with all the torture and was loyal to her country. This shows that Verity is a hero because even if she was interrogated and tortured, she was still loyal to her country.

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Image citations: Malay Mail. “Woman Held after Baby Thrown from Building in Kajang | Malay Mail.” What You Think | Malay Mail, Malay Mail, 25 June 2018,

We’re takers who never give

In the future, the world we destroyed will be masked with a thick layer of polluted air, overflowing with the hideous and revolting smell of garbage.

They will find us,

buried beside countless plastic bags, tin cans, and cigarettes that we made, as mother nature twitched in pain.


In the future, the world we destroyed has no sign of life. Clear lakes where fish swam is now brimming with toxic.

Plain fields where lions chased after their prey are now crowded with dead bodies, rotten and corrupted.

And they will find us,

buried beneath piles of hornless rhinos and toothless elephants, whose lives we greedily took away.


In the future, they will find us and think, “They’re not intelligent at all. They’re takers, and they never give.”

Just Lather That’s All

“And so, which will it be? Murderer or hero? My fate hangs on the edge of this razor blade” (4, Tellez). The protagonist, a barber, is secretly revolutionary, and one day, his enemy came to be shaved. The barber is struggling to decide whether to kill him or not.
In Hernando Tellezs’ ‘Just Lather That’s All’, our dynamic character’s, the barber, thoughts on whether to kill the captain or not changed throughout the story.

At the beginning of the story, the barber was thinking about killing the captain. “’And it would be so easy to kill him. He deserves it’” (3). He thought about killing Torres because Torres is an executioner, and he had sent countless people to their death. The barber is secretly a revolutionary, and Torres was his enemy, but why didn’t the barber decide not to kill him?

Even though the barber wanted to kill the captain at first, he changed over the course of the story and chose not to after thinking about the consequences: “But I don’t want to be a murderer. No, sir. You came in to be shaved” (4). This shows that the barber thought about killing, but second thoughts, he doesn’t want blood on his hands. Also, even if the barber kills Torres, what will he gain? Nothing.

In conclusion, “No one deserves the sacrifice others make in becoming assassins” (3), and nothing would be gained if you murder. The first to murder dies from the hands of the second, and the second would be killed by the third, and the world will eventually be filled with blood.