“Because you not trying.” – ‘Two Kinds’


“’Just like you … Because you not trying’” (Tan 3). In Amy Tan’s Two Kinds, the narrator is a character who dreams to be a prodigy, but does not put in any effort to achieve it, and she doesn’t respect her mother, unlike me.

The protagonist really wanted to become supreme: “In all my imaginings, I was filled with a sense that I would soon become perfect: My mother and father would adore me  . I would be beyond approach” (1). She day dreams of her being the best, this shows that it is what she wanted the most. Even though she wanted to be a prodigy that bad, the protagonist does not try to be the best she can be. In the rising action, when the protagonist went to piano class, she didn’t pay attention just because her teacher is old and deaf: “If I hit the wrong notes because I hadn’t practiced enough, I never corrected myself” (4). This action proves that the protagonist has no integrity and does not try her best to achieve her dreams.  Also, the protagonist still remains unappreciative even for all the things her mother did for her, “Then I decided, I didn’t have to do anything mother said” (6). Her mother has cleaned other people’s houses for weeks, and she did all that to get her education, she not only is not thankful for her mother’s work, she disrespects and doesn’t listen to her.

Even though me and the protagonist are similar in dreaming to be perfect, I do try and work hard for it. When I play the piano, I’ll concentrate and correct all the mistakes I make. Also, I really respect my mom even if she makes me go to all those classes, because she does it for my good. This is why I am not similar the the protagonist.